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Hawaii is known for its beautiful sunsets, tropical weather and friendly " Aloha" spirit as well as its blend of multi-cultural cuisines. C & H Hawaiian Grill is dedicated to bringing you the best Hawaiian dining experience by serving a delicious selection of "plate lunch" foods and American cuisine, with exceptional service in a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.
We believe in serving large portions of high quality food at reasonable low price. "Ono" means " delicious in Hawaiian, and our food says it all.

What is a Plate Lunch
A plate lunch is a classic Hawaiian meal composed of an entr'ee or a combination of entr'ees, served with rice and macaroni salad on the side. It is the de facto meal of choice in Hawaii, and best characterizes the blend of cuisine and culture found on the Islands. Incorporating Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Samoan, Korean, Phillipines, and American cuisine, the plate lunch includes entr'ee such as Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken, Chicken Katsu, Pork Ribs, Kalua Pig, Loco Moko, and Hamburger Steak.

Pigin Language
The only place where the Hawaiian language is spoken on a daily basis is on the private island of Ni'ihau, located just off coast of Kauai. Throughout all the islands you will find many Hawaiian names, words and expressions used in daily life. In fact 85% of all place names in Hawaii are Hawaiian and often have interesting stories behind how they got the name. The Polynesians never had a written language until the Missionaries arrive and found they needed a Hawaiian Bible, so they quickly developed a twelve
letter alphabet. It includes five vowels and seven consonants which are pronounced just as they are in English except for W, which is often pronounced as a V. Hawaiian Pidgin or Slang is another common way of communicating in everyday conversation amongst locals. Here are a few words that hear during you visit to the islands.


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